Day 3: Baltimore and Philadephia

It seems like this is taking more of a photoblog format. I’m OK with that. It means I don’t have to write as much.

Anyway, my plan for today was to spend some more time in DC, touring the Capitol and whatnot, and then going on to Philadelphia. However, after suffering through the horrid downtown traffic last night, I decided that I had seen enough and I didn’t really want to go through that torture again, especially when it would be even more crowded and restricted during the day.

Time to come up with a new plan for the day.

I started out at the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) civil war battlefield. This was the “first major land battle of the American civil war,” according to Wikipedia.

I then decided to go on to Philadelphia, and just see what I found.

I found Baltimore.

I love that city. Everything was so clean and pretty, and everyone that I met was super friendly. I guess that’s why it’s nicknamed Charm City.

Speaking of that, I ate lunch at a little cafe across the street from Charm City Cakes.

Leaving Baltimore, I missed my exit, so I ended up driving down some rural highway for an hour or so. I’ve never in my life seen so many red barns. I also saw some old churches with extensive cemeteries in, appropriately enough, Churchville. With road names like “Priestford” and “Wesleyan.”

I crossed the Chesapeake Bay,

saw a bumper sticker that I hope was just an unfortunate accident,

and finally came to Philadelphia. I got there and parked just in time to get in to see the Liberty Bell. (Speaking of parking, I was terrified. I’ve watched too much Parking Wars to put a PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) meter receipt in my window without feeling at least a bit nervous that I had done something wrong.)

I then wandered around downtown Philly for a little while. I saw Independence Hall (Where the Continental Congress met… The declaration of independence and all that fun stuff…)

Here is Washington Square, where unidentified Revolutionary soldiers are buried.

Here is Benjamin Franklin’s grave.

I left Philadelphia, and now I’m in Princeton, New Jersey waiting to go on to NYC in the morning.

And finally, here is a fun billboard I came across today. (You can click on any picture for a larger version)

Days 1 and 2

1,154 miles.

I never want to sit again in my life.

I really don’t have much in the way of adventure to tell about yet. Most of the past two days have been spent driving.

and driving.

and driving.

and driving.

Though I did have lunch with Shannon, Jake, and Desi. So that was fun. But then I drove.

I stopped in Lexington today for gas and food. Did a bit of sightseeing.

Robert E Lee’s burial place.

Washington and Lee College.

Interesting choice of architectural lighting fixtures. Haha.

I went to the Air & Space museum’s annex thing today as well.

A Blackbird

and Discovery.

So, I’m in DC now. I wandered around for a while tonight.